A mobile MRI unit is a great way to continue to serve patients as you upgrade your existing fixed-site MRI or keep up with an increased flow of patients. Whether you need a mobile MRI short-term while you work on your current MRI or long-term to service any myriad of needs, we have you covered.

How much space do you need for a mobile MRI unit?

A mobile MRI trailer is approximately 48 feet long, by 8 feet, 6 inches wide, by 13 feet, 6 inches high.

Keep in mind that though a mobile MRI trailer is only 48 feet long, a semi-trailer is needed to transport and then park the mobile at your site. You should prepare for about 60 feet of space to account for the mobile MRI trailer AND the semi-truck needed to drop off and pick up the mobile. 

How much does the mobile MRI trailer weigh?

A mobile MRI trailer weighs approximately 60,000 pounds. 

What is a mobile MRI support pad?

A mobile support pad provides a level and stable surface for a mobile trailer to park on at your site. Depending on the surface of your lot, you might need one to support the weight of the mobile. Most commonly you will want a concrete pad on which to park the mobile MRI. Concrete does not soften like asphalt in the heat of summer and is, therefore, a more stable surface to park a mobile unit.

The minimum pad should be 4'6" x 11 in the front of the mobile MRI and 15'1" x 11' in the rear of the mobile MRI.  Because a mobile MRI is very sensitive to movement and vibration, the mobile should be parked as far from automobile traffic as possible. 

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