What are the power requirements for a mobile MRI? 

Are you ready for your mobile MRI?

We are in the business of leasing out mobile MRI and mobile CT equipment. After we work with the site to pick out the right mobile unit for them, we need to get them ready for delivery and set up of the equipment.   

A single electrical source is required to operate the mobile MRI system: 3-Phase/480 volts fits most trailers. 

Most mobiles, ours included, are equipped with a 50-foot cable and male connector that will hook up the trailer to the building. The hook up is called a Russellstoll 200 amp plug. The adapter installed at your site must be the matching receptacle. The receptacle is a Russellstoll #DF2504FRAB0. 

We always recommend contacting a local electrician to ensure that you get this set up as soon as possible if you are looking to lease or buy a mobile MRI unit.  This is required before taking a mobile so that it is properly supported while under your care.