(Yes, we publish our pricing at the end of this commentary)


First, here is why you should do business with us:

   - We have the best prices of anyone in the industry.       

   - We have the nicest and cleanest mobiles on the market.

   - We support you with true, expert engineers so that your uptime is best in class.


Without further ado, here are the facts that you need to know, to make an informed decision:


1.     Only a fraction of the companies that advertise mobile MRI scanners actually own mobiles!

2.     The majority of the companies advertising mobiles are merely subleasing from someone else, and leasing to them you at a higher price!

(Have you noticed that pictures and specifications of exact systems, such as we offer, are noticeably absent from most of our competitors’ websites? [Because they do not own the systems, they do not control the pricing, and therefore cannot publish their pricing.] )

3.     Most of the companies that do own mobiles have inventories of 100 or more systems, covering multiple modalities and multiple manufacturers. Due to their massive overhead, their cost to do business is high, and they therefore need to squeeze every dollar out of every deal. Competitive pricing is not a point that they want to push.

4.     Most of the mobiles on the rental market are very old. The stereotype of mobiles being old, dirty and gross are, unfortunately, based in reality. Unless you are renting a scanner that is of the same vintage as what the OEM is presently still selling, you are going to get a coach that is likely 10-20 years old, and looks like it!



  • Because we are a relatively small company, without the name recognition or marketing budget of our larger competitors, we MUST offer the best pricing, and the cleanest, nicest equipment, and we support it by expert engineers, substantiated by excellent references.
  • Because we own all the equipment that we lease (rather than merely brokering other people’s mobiles), we control the pricing, ensuring that we have the BEST pricing, and can publish our prices and give you precise quotes for the exact systems that we own and control.
  • Because we MUST have the nicest equipment in order to be competitive, we quite simply DO. This is why we publish pictures. 



Photo by RobertLevy/iStock / Getty Images




GE LX 9x 4-Channel $13,000/month

GE Excite 11x 8-Channel $14,500/month

GE HDxt 15x 8-Channel $18,500/month

GE HDxt 16x 8-Channel $18,000/month

GE HDxt 16x 16ch $21,500/month

SIEMENS Symphony 4 Channel $17,500/month

SIEMENS Symphony 8 Channel $20,000/month

SIEMENS Avanto 18 Channel $27,000/month


This is "starting at" pricing, i.e. long term rentals. We cannot quote interim/short without knowing the number of weeks and location. See below.

Sometimes we can offer even better pricing if our inventory is over-stocked! 

We will always price match!


  • Pricing is determined by costs associated with supplying the equipment (shipping, local service, coils needed).
    • The cost to initiate a very short interim rental includes the cost to ship to you, and the time and expenses of 2-3 days onsite setting up the mobile. When these costs are spread out over many months, they are negligible, but when they must be recovered in a matter of weeks, the rental rates are greatly affected.


  • Pricing is determined by the equipment type (i.e. 4, 8, 16 channel)
    • A 16/18 channel system can cost as much as double the cost of an older 4 channel scanner.


  • Pricing is determined by rental term (weeks, months or years)
    • Terms of 8-weeks or less can cost 50% - 100% more than an annual term. 


  • Pricing is determined by supply and demand (are the mobiles currently sitting) 
    • If we have a lot of mobiles sitting around and running up our electric bill, we're very motivated to get the equipment rented out.